Wall-Mounted Garage Door Openers

When installing a new garage door opener in your home, a lot of factors need to be reviewed.

The weight of the door, size of the opening, and even the height of the ceiling all have to be taken into consideration before you choose the right model.

In addition, it is also vital that you look at a few of the most trusted brands and search for the features that mean the most to you.

While one person might not care if their garage door opener is compatible with their smart home assistant, another could insist on this feature and not settle for anything less.

Some people prefer quieter models, while others do not care about noise.

Another thing to consider is where the opener will need to be placed. In instances where there isn’t enough roof, a wall mounted garage door might be your only option.

Here are a few things to know about this unique type of opener and why you might need to go this route in your home.

What Is A Side-Mounted Garage Door Opener?

Before we can talk about whether you should install a side-mounted garage door opener, we have to discuss what it is and why it might be used.

Also referred to as a wall-mount garage door opener, this type of system attaches to the side of the wall near the door instead of the ceiling.

They are typically used in situations in which the garage height is too low or too high to work with the door.

Further, they might be used in situations in which the property owner’s vehicle is higher than standard, such as a lifted pickup truck or other similar enhancements.

Most of the major brands offer this type of opener.

If you’re working with a professional garage door service company, it would be a good idea to mention that you’re considering it for your home, so they can offer their opinion as to which one to choose.


lift-master side-mounted garage door openers
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What Is the Best Wall Mount Garage Door Opener?

While many brands of wall-mounted garage door openers are on the market, two of the most popular are the LiftMaster and the Genie.

Why? Well, for starters, both of these brands are considered two of the best contractor-grade opener companies on the market.

Not only do their products work exceptionally well, they are built to last. While their initial install can be a little more expensive, they usually require less upkeep and maintenance than other brands, which makes a big difference in the overall course of the lifetime of the unit.

In addition, they offer more features. Both have optional battery backup, allowing you to open your door when the power goes out.

And both give you the option to have Wi-Fi connectivity, which is incredibly handy if you regularly have a house-sitter or guest who needs access, and you don’t feel comfortable lending out a remote.

Are Wall Mount Garage Door Openers Good?

In most cases, wall mount garage door openers are just as reliable and functional as the traditional variety. However, you can’t install one in every situation, so you’ll want to work directly with your garage door contractor to ensure it is possible in your space.

For example, you’ll need at least 8 inches of space on the side of the door for the unit to be installed. It must also be possible to run a power source to the opener.

And only certain kinds of doors with proper spring placement are good candidates for a wall mount garage door opener.

If price is a concern, it is important to know that side mounted garage door openers are more costly.

In fact, they can be several hundred dollars more, which might be a problem if you’re on a tight budget.

What Is A Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?

If you’ve been looking at wall mounted garage door openers, you’ve likely seen some listed as jackshaft garage door openers. Before getting confused, it is important to realize that these are the same thing.

Both terms are used interchangeably in the industry, so seeing an opener listed as one and not the other does not mean there’s a difference in how they operate.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Installation Service

If you’re looking into adding a wall mount garage door opener to your home, then it is a good idea to talk to a professional installation team. At Executive Entries, we’ve helped homeowners with these types of installations for over ten years. We would love to help you, too.

Interested in learning about how convenient and easy having a wall mounted garage door opener added to your home really is? Get in touch with our Executive Entries team to schedule an appointment or ask questions.

Is LiftMaster Better Than Chamberlain?

One of the most common questions homeowners ask about wall mounted garage door openers is if LiftMaster is truly better than Chamberlain.

The answer? Without a doubt, LiftMaster is a better quality opener.

In fact, this is true across all opener types by these two brands.

There’s a reason why Chamberlain’s price point is so low, while LiftMaster is trusted by master craftsmen contractors across the globe.

Ever hear the saying that you get what you pay for?

Select a Chamberlain side mounted garage door opener, and you’re likely to have to deal with more problems, more repairs, and more headaches along the way.

With LiftMaster, the cost is higher upfront, but you’re less likely to have the headaches of constant repair bills over the next decade.