There’s nothing worse than going out to your garage, getting in your car, and realizing that the door won’t open.

While it could be a number of different issues causing the problem, one of the more common garage door problems is a broken spring.

What does this mean?

Well, every garage door is opened by one or two large springs at the top of the door that work to lift up the weight of the metal door using the opener.

Usually, you can visually see where there’s an issue and the spring is either broken or otherwise damaged. However, this isn’t always the case.

Our team has put together this brief guide to help you out if you think you have a broken garage door spring, including what to do, what not to do, and how to get it repaired.

What Do You Do If Your Garage Door Spring Breaks?

If you notice that your garage door spring is broken, do not attempt to open the door by hand.

The weight of the door is often too heavy to try to handle on your own, and you might end up injured or, frankly, not get very far.

You also don’t want to keep trying your opener, as hitting that button over and over again can start to wear out the motor and create an even costlier expense than you’re already dealing with.

At this point, you’re in a pretty dangerous situation that requires calling a professional.

The service technician will usually come right out and use special tools to get the door open and allow you to remove your vehicle safely.

From there, they will decide whether the spring needs repair, total replacement, or if there’s another problem with your garage door.

If the springs need replacement, he or she will check to find the correct springs for the particular size and weight of your door.

garage door spring overhead

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Broken Garage Door Spring

The cost associated with repairing a broken garage door spring can vary somewhat.

Most repairs by a professional will run you around a couple hundred dollars, but there are different factors that affect your overall bill that need to be considered.

For example, if your door requires a specialty spring or something that needs to be custom ordered, it could be a bit more expensive.

And door springs usually come in pairs, which means if one breaks, you’ll want to go ahead and have the second one replaced at the same time. (Trust us; it is much easier to have one service call now instead of a second one a few months down the line!)

The good news is that most garage door springs last between seven and 10 years. This means that with professional installation, you can rest assured that your door will continue to operate efficiently for many years to come.

Can You Open a Garage Door With a Broken Spring?

It is possible to open a garage door with a broken spring, but we highly advise NOT to attempt to do so yourself.

Garage doors are made from metal and designed to be durable, which means they are heavy.

If one falls on you or a loved one while you’re trying to open it, a serious injury might occur.

Furthermore, a broken spring will not allow your opener to work appropriately.

This means that the motor in your system will continue to run each time you press the button until it eventually gives out.

If possible, use the breaker box to cut the power to your garage door opener or unplug the unit until you’ve had it inspected by a trained technician.

What Happens If a Garage Door Spring Breaks?

Unfortunately, there’s usually no warning when a garage door spring is about to break.

If it becomes difficult to raise the door manually, this can be a strong indicator that either the wrong springs are installed or they are on the verge of having a serious issue.

But, when was the last time you manually tried to open your garage door?

Most people miss out on this sign, simply because they always use their automatic opener when coming in and out of the garage.

Instead, make it a point to try to manually open the door every few months to see if the springs are starting to have a problem.

You can also have a technician come out and service the door once a year, just to be on the safe side.

How Do You Fix a Broken Spring on a Garage Door?

Fixing a broken spring on a garage door is not a project that should be handled on a do-it-yourself basis.

This can easily become a dangerous situation that causes an injury or (at the very least) damage to your vehicle.

In addition, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed when fixing a broken spring on a garage door.

Springs are rated for the weight limit of your door.

Using the wrong one can create poor performance, which then becomes a safety hazard.

And it is important to not mix up the left and right springs, as they are color coded for convenience.

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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair Services

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We offer both oil-tempered and galvanized garage door springs designed for performance and durability.

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